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Turning Negatives Into Diamonds

Jan 3, 2022 - On this Podcast Dr. Anita shares

How do you go about turning your negative experiences into diamonds? You allow yourself to process the events of your life.

We have been taught that if anything is difficult we should avoid it, don't do it, run! On the contrary, we must take the time to evaluate what has been allowed into our lives as these things may be exactly what will help us to grow.

Integrate what could have destroyed you. Uncover the hidden elements of your diamond—the inherent elements in these experiences. Utilize the valuable aspects of your diamond. Don't settle for being less than you are; create what you want for your life from what stopped others.

You have valuable information awaiting discovery. Through empathy, you have the answer to someone's problems. To empathize is to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

Have you ever been under-rated and overlooked? Then you know what it feels like to be under-rated and forgotten. Were you held back by someone who didn't know you or did you fail to critically evaluate yourself?

  • Evaluate the way you processed negatives

  • Did you self-sabotage?

  • Were you prepared for the opportunity?

  • Do you still need to grow in an area of your life?

Remember: Pressure forms Diamonds. A diamond's value is exposed when processed, cut, and chiseled to its finest.

The concept for Diamonds Moments came to me in the early 2000s in a dream.

The dream went as follows:

I was at a speaking engagement in my hotel room (which I went to later, and stayed in the hotel room I saw in the dream) [Definition Note: These are spiritual called dreams, or prophetic dreams = when you have a dream and it comes to pass, it is more than just the unconscious thoughts of the mind.] As I ran a bath, my head tilted slightly to the side. With my head tilted, this angel modified my perception. And at that angle, I saw a sparkling substance in the water flowing out of the faucet, clear but shiny. I dipped my hands into the water and came up with all kinds of diamonds, of all sizes, from huge to tiny. I began to let the water out of the tub when I realized I was losing some diamonds. And they were going down the drain. There were diamonds everywhere, and I began to franticly scoop out the diamonds at the bottom of the tub. There were so many. And they were sticking to my hands. I had to try to scrape them off of my hands so that I had the room to go back for more. (The image is comparable to making pie dough, in the stage when the dough sticks to your fingers. To get it off, you have to scrape your hands and fingers before you can even put flour on your hands to absorb some of the moisture to continue making the dough.) Diamonds were everywhere! This dream stayed with me, and I know I have had the opportunity to be around these very same diamond people.

Some have not had mentors or anyone to help them get to their next level.

There is a level of Diamond representing the selling 10's of millions of units in the music industry. Whether you are gold or platinum, there is always a higher level available to you. Will you be able to reach your goal? Is there anyone around you that will tell you the truth? Do you have only "yes-men" around you? If this is the case, you need a neutral voice to alert you when moving in the wrong direction. You need someone to ask the question, "Is this the right attitude?" Or to suggest you need to look at this. You need one of those people in your life to reach your next level. You will never achieve a "diamond" level if you have only yes-men. I want to share with you some influencers who may give you the understanding to reach higher heights. Be ready to move from the status quo, polish what you have, and polish it to perfection.

[Definition Note: Perspective modification - One small change in how you perceive (or see) a situation that changes everything.]

The slight shift of my head in looking into the bathwater allowed me to see what I could not see. One small change can change everything. This subtle change allowed me to reach what I could not reach. Are you willing to do what you haven't done to achieve your goal?

Colloquialism: "Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater," and "eat the meat, and spit out the bones." Don't get rid of everything. Take what you need. Take what you can use and let the rest go.

How do you to turn your negatives into diamonds? Recognize their value, process them, then use them!

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