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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin, author and internationally published poet has written numerous books, blogs, and articles on faith, spirituality, and belief, including Crimson and Scarlet (a novel available now). Dr. Anita’s educational pursuits include studying at California State Universities Long Beach, Dominguez Hills, and Dallas Baptist University, (Bus. Admin); PCI Health Education Center in Dallas, Texas (Psychiatric Assistant designation), Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Divinity, Grace Valley Theological Seminary, Clinical Pastoral Education, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, CA. She is listed in Who's Who in America (Executives) 2000-2001 Edition; Dr. Anita is the Founder and Executive Director of The Foundation for Family Victims of Substance Abuse, a (501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Org. Dr. Anita is Pastor of A M Ministries, Inc. (Psalms 30:5,11); and the Triumphant Church international ministry covering international ministries in South Africa, Nigeria, the UK, and Fiji. Hear Dr. Anita daily on

Mentorship One on One

Mentoring one-on-one is a very important and specific area of my interaction with you.  I learn where your limitations may be affecting your life and obstructing your ability to reach your goals. We use this information to determine how we can remove the blocks to what has caused you to be reluctant to move forward in the dreams you have for yourself. Through our one-on-one conversations, hearing your voice, allows me to read beyond the words that you are saying in order to key into the factors that are holding you back. 


If you believe one-on-one mentorship is for you, contact me through the website link, schedule a phone consultation (appointments only), and begin the task of getting your life on course. Be ready to receive your desired goals and come in conscious contact with your life’s destiny. Discover new paths to change where you are in life and move to a life that you never believed possible.


Remember that which is greater than you, is working in you, to accomplish everything that you can ask or think.

My Books

I have heard of a lot of different ways books came into being... for me, writing was as an outlet for challenges I was experiencing. I always knew I could write, I wrote well in high school, and had a number of essays returned to me with a note from my teachers, asking if I really wrote them-- I DID!

When I got to college I found that my ability to write made my course work easier, but I had no idea what God would do with my writing... and as always life tends to enter in and moves us along with many unanswered questions.  

From business creation training to personal growth and development to fictional novels Dr. Anita has written a book for you.


My Books

A Diamond Journey Journal: Becoming is a process a process has stages

A Diamond Journey Journal will help you walk through the process of achieving your Emotional, Social, Financial, Physical, or Spiritual goals. Diamonds are produced through time, heat, and pressure. The Diamonds of life (the benefits we gain through life's experiences) are created similarly and must be processed. It is what you do with these experiences that make them valuable. Dr. Anita shares wisdom learned from her life's challenges, which have produced the diamonds of her life, and her appreciation of holistic health and wholeness.

Use your Diamond Journey Journal to help you reconnect to your authentic self. This Journey through your life experiences is unlike others. A Diamond Journey Journal is an excellent accompaniment for the podcast A Diamond Moment With Dr. Anita. It is time to invest in yourself.

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A Tear Of The Soul:

I Need Help With My Healing-- The Tear: There are events and experiences in life, so devastating that they can be described in no other way. Their effect on the life of an “Innocent” creates a wounding to the soul of that person or an injury to the person’s spirit, which without The Creator's or God's intervention may never heal. (NCV) Lord my God, I trust in you for protection.  Save me and rescue me from those who are chasing me. Otherwise, like a lion, they will tear me apart. They will rip me to pieces, and no one can save me. Be courageous; look at the events of devastation in your life. It is by examining the “Tear of the Soul”, that we place ourselves into the hands of that which is greater and begin to heal, not the common superficial type of healing but to truly, and deeply heal, in our Spirit, Soul, and Body.


This book by Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin gives vital information from a spiritual perspective on the devastations of life caused by others and its possible outcome without intervention.


Crimson and Scarlet:

Crimson and Scarlet is a fascinating novel about a fictional Southern town that spans four generations. Unsolved mysteries and missing persons are all a part of life in Southside. The town historian, who details the relationships, as well as the greed, drug dealing, larceny, and even murder that take place here, tells the story. You will be fascinated as you come to know the residents, some good and some bad; all going about their daily lives, unaware that what they don’t know is killing them. 

Michael Browning, a young minister, is pursuing Charlotte Cote, a bad girl turned evangelist. However, there’s trouble in their relationship. Charlotte is a product of generations of dysfunction woven into the families who live in a town where nothing seemingly goes as expected. What hidden factors have shaped the families living in this bad luck “Bible Belt” community over the past 100 years? Is it possible for Southside to finally overcome its past and be reborn?

Dr. Anita is working on the sequel to her novel Crimson and Scarlet titled, "Spirit, and Truth."





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Write The Vision And Make It Plain:

When The Creator, Spirit, God gives a vision of the work That has been set aside for you to do, it will be bigger, than you can dream, it will reach farther than you can imagine, and will entail more than you can envision. If Source, has spoken to your heart you will also get the “Steps 1 through 100,000,000…” to bring it to pass. Being aware of these steps takes decernment. Write The Vision and Make It Plain plus the Workbook is a Business guide by Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin that will help you accomplish your assignment whether Business or Ministry.


A Choice For Life:

Addiction is a "Family Disease" why do I term it a family disease? Because no one sets out to become an Alcoholic or Addict. So why does this happen? There is an answer and we will use all that has been made available to us in order to answer this question. This book by Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin is based on current medical knowledge and spiritual concepts providing answers to the questions you have been asking about Addicts, Alcoholics and the dynamics within their Families both in and out of recovery.

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The Steps Of A Good Man Are Ordered Of The Lord:

Sacred text states "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." To become the person you want to be requires order and movement. Becoming is a process and a process has stages. As with everything Source, the Creator, God does, Order, revelation, and faith can remove every obstacle and hindrance in our lives. This book by Dr. Anita Dix-McLaughlin gives vital information from a spiritual perspective to implement familiar “Steps” to walk out of the unwanted circumstances of your life. Chapters include familiar terms like: Repentance, Submission, Confession, Petition, Restitution and more while expanding on their meaning and signifigance to help you find yourself in this process. This book offers insights to “The Spiritual Order Of Life.” It was writen to make your life make sense!

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