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(for Family Victims of Substance Abuse)

"Bringing help and healing to families in crisis"

Def. Insanity: Doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting a different outcome!


The Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization; with Community Housing Development Organization status (CHDO), which desires to bring support, comfort, and restoration to those who have been victimized by the "Family Disease" of Substance Abuse (both Alcohol and Drug). We are endeavoring to build a new foundation of Help, Hope, and Healing in the lives of families affected by substance abuse and addiction of all kinds.

Respect, Educate and Protect



The Foundation desires to be an oasis to the Family, Friend, and Significant Other, who has been overtaken by the disease of Substance Abuse. This purpose is accomplished through developing a "New Life Foundation" based on three tenants Respect, Protect, Educate providing help, hope, and healing for hurting families and the community.

The Foundation For Family Victims of Substance Abuse believes, "NO" situation is hopeless and help is available; both for the Substance Abuser and now for the Family.


Substance Abuse involves the misuse of a substance resulting in significant impairment or distress without actually developing dependence.

Substance Dependence is the repeated non-medical use of a substance that harms the user or incites behavior in the user that harms others and involved physical and or psychological dependence (need).

Victim (def.)- One harmed by an act, circumstance or condition.


Everything Must Change

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There is a beautiful song which says, "Everything must change, nothing stays the same, that's the way of life, nothing and no one remains unchanged...."


There is truth in these lyrics but, your change can not start without you.

We can be so desirous of a new phase in our lives, but the truth is its all about you. Many people fail to realize that the greatness within them is waiting for this realization!


Start the change you have been asking for today. 

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