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How to create a major shift in your life

What is a paradigm shift?

Diamonds are produced by time, heat, and pressure. The cut, clarity, and size of the diamond will determine its use. The use of the stone adds to its value, the first few cuts in a raw diamond will not be enough to bring out its beauty. You must continue shaping the stone, but with precision, to expose the beauty of the stone. What pressure have you been under? What is the cut of your personality? Do you have a clear perspective of who you are? Does that perspective line up with where you want to go.

In order to understand a Paradigm Shift, we must develop a vocabulary from which to communicate. We need definitions to understand each other and to enhance clear communication.

By defining Concepts, Precepts, Paradigm Shifts, and foundational changes, we can become more comfortable considering a massive change in life. The Shift that we will evaluate is not a physical appearance shift, although this kind of Shift may bring about that kind of change. We are referring to a:

Paradigm Shift: Defined as a "complete change that comes from within." This complete change starts inside and brings about a change reflected outside all around you and affects everything about you.

Are you stuck in a loop? Are you meeting the same type of people? Are you moving on a path that is taking you nowhere? How do you make the change? The answer is through a paradigm shift, it changes everything, like, relationships, with people and things. When we find out what has caused us to become stuck, it opens the door for everything to change. The need for a foundation, a true foundation, built-in truth comes into play here, for when you are experiencing a change in which nothing is the same, you need something in your life that remains; while everything around you is changing. For me, that foundation is in scripture (I am not trying to preach to you), but for me to share, the change (the Paradigm shift ) in my life came through my scriptural foundation.

Recommendation: If you don't have a belief system in your life, I recommend developing a spiritual foundation as the first point of change.

As you grow and change, you are resting on a foundation that relies on truth and will remain "true," faithful, valuable. I learned through scripture how life-changing learning works. If we take in small pieces of information, combine them, and then incorporate them into our lives, we will get to the point of maturity, allowing us to make sound decisions. Scripture says the way that we learn is "line upon line, Precept upon Precept, here a little and there a little."

Precept: Definition: general rule intended to regulate behavior or thought. (for our purpose) we are defining a Precept as learning the way something works.

We will internalize the meaning while combining it with understanding to facilitate growth and development. The use of these Precepts will eventually bring about that Shift that you desire to achieve in your life.

Note: We don't learn Precepts or Concepts all at once; it requires a process.

Scripture (2Cor 5:17) teaches that "becoming" is a process. I will add this to the definition for conceptual understanding; that a process has stages. More fully stated: When you allow a precept in your spiritual foundation to become a concept in your mind, all things will begin to change, that change is a process, and the process has stages of growth and development.

Concept: Something conceived in the mind. An abstract or generic idea, Concepts are based on our experiences (and can be) based on actual phenomena and are generalized ideas of something of meaning.

In this way, our Precepts and Concepts will equate to the stages we go through in a paradigm shift of life.

One of the unique things that occurred while going through the changes in my life was the level of fear I experienced. This change was frightening!

Frightening: Definition: to make someone afraid or anxious, deter someone or something from involvement or action by making them afraid,

I found myself squarely in the "flight or fight instinct," and I had no fight or flight left in me. I knew I couldn't stay where I was, and I didn't know where I was going or where I would end up. It takes courage to do something that you haven't done before. It takes courage to confront—the limiting ideas, viewpoints, people, places, or things that have boxed us in. Growth and progress demand confrontation of those things to have what we have never had before.

A Paradigm shift in life is not a small thing; it is an enormous thing that begins to happen inside, resulting in profound change. Scripture teaches us this fundamental Concept and Precept, "the things we see were made by the things we can not see."

A Concept can result in something very tangible that we can see. Ex: Making a chair - (to sit on) goes from an idea or a concept in our head. Acted on by using our hands to produce something we can sit on. Essentially, creating something that didn't exist from a thought.

Anything we see (that is new) begins with a thought, and that thought, when we move forward on it, produces something new (new life, aka a new way of living.) We will move forward in examining a Paradigm Shift in our life that allows us to live the life that we always wanted—knowing that it is frightening, understanding that we may know where we are today (and that may be the only thing we know for sure.) We will accept that we do not know where we will end up. We can maintain our courage and confidence, knowing that through our spiritual foundation built the road that we are walking on, based on truth and belief in that which is "greater" than we are, will allow us to walk from where we are into our future.

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