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How to have a foundation that will guide you to success

The most fundamental element of success, achievement, and fulfillment is a foundation. A valuable foundation is one that is spiritual in nature being truthful, having wisdom, and imparting knowledge. When you have a foundation, you won't fall for everything. A foundation based on truth provides you with the strength to withstand the winds of time. You learn to encourage yourself, set aside negativity like envy, jealousy, and strive.

No one can take anything away from you; what's for you is for you."

There is no need to be a "hater" you may not be willing to pay the price someone else paid to reach their goals, nor do we know what it took to get there or what it takes for them to remain in that position.

When you have a stable spiritual foundation, you can make decisions that will lead to abundance (not necessarily financial.)

[Definition Note: Abundance allows you to sleep at night, not having to wonder what will happen due to how you achieved a goal.]

We live at a time in history when people are paying the price for their prior behavior, sometimes very swiftly (Example: The ME TOO! Movement, George Floyd murder). Without a spiritual foundation, anything we want or someone else wants to do is just fine. We have learned from these examples that anything and everything is not ok, and it won't be just fine. A spiritual foundation allows you to have the guidance to know what to turn down and what to accept. You are much more likely to achieve your success. You must be willing to stand for something or fall for anything.

In American culture, we see people immediately fact-checked in what they say. We must pay attention to these things. We must determine if we want to be a part of anything and everything or if we want to be more self-defining. When we have an inner foundation built on "something greater" than ourselves, we can safely use that foundation to accomplish our goals.

Intuition: following the small voice within our heart (not our head)

When young, intuition can lead us more easily because we have yet to learn to be afraid or not to listen to the voice of guidance inside. As youths, we are often in contact with that part of ourselves that directs. We must also pay close attention to who we are around. The people we are consistently communicating with can either encourage us to think positively or they can impart negativity that will squelch our dream. Many times others will view our ability in light of their inability, fears, limitations.

Colloquialism: "A Dog who will bring a bone will carry a bone. Meaning - someone who will talk to you about somebody, will talk to somebody about you."

Be careful of who you are around and the things that you do. You may find yourself around people who have no problem doing what is wrong, and in your association, you may find yourself caught up in a negative situation.

Gain your understanding through your inner guiding voice "your intuition" to let you know who you should be around. Your inner guidance develops through your spiritual knowledge and relationship with "that which is greater" than you. Some people you know are not who you should be associated with, and you are aware of this fact, but you override that inner knowing (your inner voice) because you think they carry benefits for you. The guidance you received was real; it is accurate and honest, but you must follow it to benefit from it. You will find yourself exactly where you did not want to be, with people you have little to nothing in common with simply because you thought you could get something out of it. Learn to listen to the inner voice within yourself and not to everyone else around you.

How you use your gift determines its worth!

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