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Dr. Anita

A Diamond Moment
with Dr. Anita (Podcast)

Transformation Counselor, Teacher, Noom Vibe Mentor

Dr. Anita McLaughlin teaches others to look to their own life's lessons to bring into reality their desired goals. "We were born with a purpose, and it is just a matter of unlocking our innate abilities to release our dreams. When life teaches us to ignore our inner GPS, we see major delays to our purpose through mistakes that create fear. Without help, it becomes more difficult to reclaim our original authentic selves and for some, their lives are forever altered. When we lose touch with our blameless core self, victory is replaced by failure, which becomes the expectation and not the exception. I believe that nothing happens accidentally, you can evaluate your own actions and challenge your beliefs to get everything you want out of your life."


I'm excited to announce the next level in the ongoing process, A Diamond Moment With Dr. Anita Podcast and WISDOM where Dr. Anita is a Top Mentor. 


We will be working toward building you so that you can affect change in your life, community, and world. You can be all that you have dreamed of. It begins with a plan. 


  • My Revised Book "Write The Vision and Make It Plain" will walk you through the creative process to achieve your vision and dream.


Visit my new book page for all the latest info!

Areas of Expertise

Transforming Lives, through
Perception Modification
Two Dried Leaves
How You View Yourself Is Everything!

Anita Dix-McLaughlin, D. Div. was born in Texas, grew up in Los Angeles, CA, and lived for an extended period on the East coast. She states, “Having the opportunity to live in different parts of the country (Pacific, Central, and Eastern areas of the US) has given me an intimate understanding of regional culture and customs found in mega-urban cities and remote rural areas. My travels (both nationally and internationally) have added to a wealth of content and varying perspectives.” Now living in Northern California, Dr. McLaughlin, has continued to affect positive change in those she meets through seminars, conferences, her Podcast, regular radio broadcasts, blogs, magazines, books, and personal mentorship.
Dr. Anita a licensed and ordained Christian minister and professional Chaplain has studied under some of the most respected men and women in ministry today, among those, the late Dr. Frederick K.C. Price (Los Angeles, CA) whose ministry she credits with teaching her many of the foundation building truths that have been a hallmark of her current ministry.  While in Texas, Dr. Anita was also a part of the Transformation Treatment Center ministry team, of The Potter's House, Sr. Pastor, Bishop T D Jakes. She now serves in Chaplaincy.
Utilizing her beliefs, experiences, and proven interaction with hurting people combined with exposure from her studies in Clinical Pastoral Education, Dr. Anita began to develop concepts to challenge the role our beliefs and thoughts play in our accomplishments or lack thereof. “It doesn’t matter whether things are going good or bad they can get better."


Everything Must Change

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There is a beautiful song that says, "Everything must change, nothing stays the same, that's the way of life, nothing and no one remains unchanged...."


There is truth in these lyrics but, your change can not start without you.

We can be so desirous of a new phase in our lives, but the truth is it's all about you. Many people fail to realize that the greatness within them is waiting for this realization!


Start the change you have been asking for today. 

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