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Prov. 31: 8-9   (NCV)   Given:12.31.99  12:00am
July, 2014!

Welcome Here is
Dr. Anita's Latest News:

Big News!

I'm excited to announce the next level in the on-going process that is A M Ministries, Inc.

  • My Book "Crimson and Scarlet is now available in e-book format for all electronic devices. Visit my new book website and see the changes!
  • Our Radio Division and 2 new Radio STATIONS- New Host and Shows is now heard on TuneIn you will find us in the directory! A M Media-Online for Popular music and A M Media-Online Joy Comes Gospel for the best new and all your favorite Gospel music.
  • Our On-line TV with new videos and introductions you must see.

And there are more changes and surprises to come--Stay with me!

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I'm inviting you to visit each newly designed website and get your copy of our new Magazines available now!  Your help makes it happen~
God has blessed us with new ways to spread the Word. Through our publications God has brought about the final piece to the puzzle. We are on Radio/ TV/ and we are publishing to let the world know your story.

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